What Our Readers Say

Thank you for a wonderful edition of Discover Your Ancestors. It is packed with very useful information and for an extremely good price.
I bought a copy of your Discover Your Ancestors magazine and found it excellent.
Congratulations on the new family history publication. As a teacher of the subject, I note that it really does give a good broad overview of the key topics for the beginner – something which some other publications seem to lack.
In November I bought a copy of the magazine Discover your Ancestors. I thought that it was an excellent publication, with explanations for people new to research as well as much valuable background material for those of us who wish to “flesh out the bones” and find out about the times in which our ancestors lived.
I was delighted and fascinated to find a Case Study in your first issue that related to my own Family History.
Wonderful job!!! Beautifully done! I have a long history myself in the genealogy industry and also with several years of publishing in my background and know how difficult it is to do what you've done; with the quality you've achieved it. From the graphics, to the paper selection, and everything else.
What a prize I found in my local newsagents today. I look forward to the next Edition. I have not put it down since arriving home.
Having recently been loaned a copy of Discover your Ancestors by a friend, I felt I must let you know what an interesting and useful publication I found it. I particularly enjoyed the ‘Social History' sections which summarised nicely for the beginner and general reader but also included a few extra pieces of information for people like me who consider ourselves fairly well informed after years of reading and research.
After buying your magazine, Discover your Ancestors and thinking it was absolutely brilliant, I bought another one for my friend. She like me thought it was wonderful and we were both eager to get issue 2.
I wondered if you could please tell me when the next issue of the above bookazine will be published. I purchased the first issue, found it very helpful and I am very eager to see more.
I was recently on vacation in Melbourne Australia and purchased your Discover your Ancestors Issue. It is a fantastic magazine and I would like a subscription or to know a place to buy. I live in Waterloo Ontario Canada. Please forward any info on how I may purchase this great magazine.
I've just bought Issue 1 of Discover your Ancestors. It's an excellent magazine full of information for beginners and experienced researchers. I found the tutorials particularly helpful. Well done. Without doubt it's the best of the UK Family History magazines.
I have just purchased the first issue of Discover your Ancestors from my local Martin's Newsagent. What a wonderful magazine, full of useful information.
I have just found a copy of the first issue of Discover your Ancestors in a newsagent at the Westfield Shopping Centre, Tuggerah, NSW Australia, which is between Sydney and Newcastle on the NSW coast with the Pacific Ocean. An initial look seems to indicate that this magazine is a good read.
I recently attended the WDYTYA exhibition and was given a copy of Discover your Ancestors. I really enjoyed reading it and would like to be able to read more.
I am reading issue 1 of Discover Your Ancestors. Fantastic magazine. Probably one of the best I have read.
I picked up the magazine Discover your Ancestors at the WDYTYA fair in London last week. What a brilliant read. Will there be a subscription method of getting this magazine? I do hope so. What this publication has over the rest is not solely a genealogy magazine but it has history content to.